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I am a WordPress developer. I write PHP, jQuery and Sass. I currently work for a really cool company focused on providing client-focused website maintenance and support services, along with Managed WordPress Hosting.

Through the years, I have worked in-house, for a dev shop, for large agencies, and for small agencies. I’ve also been freelancing since 2002.

On a daily basis I touch many sites, some are built by me, some by other (competent) developers, and some are built by people who call themselves developers but probably should not. I was once one of those, but I’ve learned a lot over the years.

For what it’s worth, I learn the most by working on website type 3 – those built by people who have no business building sites. Let’s just say debugging is a strength of mine.

I do WordPress custom site builds, support and maintenance, project planning, prototyping, site design, site architecture, lots of theming, SEO, and deployment of big and small WordPress websites.

In addition, I know Illustrator and Photoshop. I’ve been using them since 1996 on OS9. Which is a very scary thought.

My first legit dev job was building an enterprise-level Drupal site. I haven’t touched Drupal since and I hope to continue forgetting all I learned about it.


Greg Wilson

During her time at BlueRidge Interactive, Niki worked on numerous projects as a Front End Developer and was always a great asset to the team. In her role with the team she honed skills not only in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, but also LESS and Sass CSS preprocessors, various CMS’s in a variety of back end languages, JavaScript libraries, and more. She often stretched herself by accepting challenging assignments, and offered to contribute wherever she could.

In addition to her technical skills, Niki has a great design eye and ability to articulate in ways everyone could understand.

— Greg Wilson, Development Team Lead, Blue Ridge Interactive —

Aimee Custis

I worked with Niki in 2012 to redesign and relaunch our website at the Coalition for Smarter Growth. While I have a design background myself, Niki was invaluable with helping me understand what we were looking for for our web design, realizing it, and then taking my design ideas to the next level.

I found Niki incredibly responsive and easy to work with, and have recommended her team many times to others looking for web design work. I wouldn't want to work with anyone else!

— Aimee Custis, Digital Strategist, Communicator & Photographer, Coalition for Smarter Growth —

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