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Niki Sebastino Website Design and Development

I specialize in website design and development with the philosophy that each project should bring about great results and good karma. Explore a bit about me, and review a few of the projects I’m thrilled I had a hand in creating. Then give me a shout, and together we’ll create simply thoughtful design.

Niki Sebastino: design geek[ess]

Yes, it’s true. I’m a bit of a design nerd. It will show itself very quickly, so you might as well know it up front. I really get into my creative projects. My skills are varied, and ever expanding. Since the 90’s, I’ve enthusiastically worked for agencies from New York to Virginia, corporations of all sizes, I’ve won awards and been active in my creative community – all because solving design and production problems are, well… I simply cannot help myself.

Holy crap that's good!

I'm a website designer & developer. Every couple weeks I like to give my two cents worth about a really great design. I also like to brag about my clients. I'll try to keep things interesting, but I'll be honest...

I'm gonna be a total design geek about it.

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Latest Work - Blackwater Utility WordPress Website

The Blackwater Utility Wordpress website is a semi-custom website I developed for Frankl Creative Group, who did the design.

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