Website design and development

Wondering how I do it? Let me tell you about my design and development process. My approach to projects is unwavering. I like to see good projects become great because of the extra* thought and exploration I put into them. I’ll examine an idea, a bit of copy, what a design has to do, where it should go, or who it will touch, make suggestions, and always think, “Can it do better?” And then I make it so. I make it more functional, and still beautiful. The result is a simply better website that will serve you well for years to come.

*Don’t worry, you don’t really pay for my “extra.” Going above and beyond is a part of who I am. There’s no use fighting it. I also throw in funny free–o–charge, too.

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But enough about me. We really should be talking about you and that new project!

Don’t be afraid. Help is just a few clicks away. This design geek[ess] is standing by — eager as all get out. Just drop me a line to get started.